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Etash Global helps federal agencies and allied private businesses to move on-premise infrastructure or applications to the cloud. We collaborate with the clients' IT teams to develop comprehensive and custom cloud strategies, promote business impact analysis, follow best practices for deployment, skilled migration team, and undertake thorough testing.

After migrating your business to the cloud, we continue to support on the maintenance of cloud applications and infrastructure. By this, each client is assured of getting the best from your cloud environment. Proper maintenance is the key to a successful, safe and secure cloud system. Surely, the public cloud technology and core business apps require maintenance. This is promptly taken care of by the dedicated cloud experts at Etash Global.


By availing our affordable and end-to-end cloud services, you gain the benefits of decreased hosting costs, agile and scalable cloud system, reduced environmental impact, implement backu and recovery solutions, and freedom from any/all security threats.


Etash Global's cloud migration services are based on reliable, end-to-end and innovative strategies. We capably move tools and data from old/legacy infrastructure or an on-premises data centre to the cloud environment. We follow a meticulous and established process at all cloud migrations. The steps of cloud migration include, planning the migration, choosing the right cloud environment (public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, or multi-cloud), migrating apps and data, and finally validating post-move success.

Etash Global offers end-to-end cloud migration services. These include,

  • Re-hosting: Lifting the client's stack and shifting it from on-premises hosting to the cloud
  • Re-platforming: making a few further adjustments to optimize your landscape for the cloud
  • Re-purchasing: moving your applications to a new, cloud-native product. A good example is changing the SaaS platform like CRM to Salesforce
  • Re-factoring: Rebuilding your applications from scratch, and leveraging on the cloud capabilities that are not available in your existing environment (viz cloud auto-scaling or server less computing)
  • Retiring: Removing applications that are no longer useful for your business
  • Retaining: Migrating what really makes sense for the clients' business


Etash Global' cloud consulting services help clients to make the right decisions when moving to cloud or opting for cloud-native development. Our cloud consultants guide you in preventing unnecessary expenditures that may come with re-implementations. Etash Global' cloud consulting services are built on decades of expertise in cloud development and optimization. This surely makes us to optimize the costs of cloud migration and development, reduce the monthly cloud costs, and achieve high performance, stability and security of cloud apps. Our portfolio of cloud consulting includes,

  • Consultations for the management
  • Assessment of TCO, and ROI
  • Process descriptions and policies
  • Bringing cloud migration in-line with business priorities
  • Design cloud architecture for apps, data warehouses, hybrid infrastructure etc
  • Promoting cloud knowledge transfer to architects, developers, testers etc
  • Provide for infrastructure configuration reviews and code reviews
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