Integrated Systems

Etash Global achieves for each client's business reliable, innovative and end-to-end integration of IT systems (hardware and software). Our IT integration capabilities are built on agility, modularity, extensibility and open standards. Significantly we serve the federal agencies and allied private businesses with our custom and high quality IT integration services.

Etash Global’ systems integration support features highly-technical, scientific, and operationally critical programs and initiatives. We create and develop scalable, adaptive and agile IT infrastructure for federal agencies.

Our end-to-end service offerings and specialized services for government, commercial, healthcare and intelligence includes,

  • Program Management: Etash Global' experienced and certified project management experts design and develop custom and proven processes and methods as per the requirements of the clients. We take each project to fruition by understanding and realizing each client's program-specific objectives.
  • Information Technology: By offering the right IT solutions, we help federal agencies to gain high value, and serve the public with quality services. It may be domestic operations or international mission and operations we can capably support our clients' needs for reliable, innovative and scalable technologies.
  • Scientific Support & Engineering: We support research and development operations of federal agencies through our process-driven methodologies and tools. We will help federal agencies to analyze, evaluate, design and troubleshoot complex issues, and support with the best solutions.
  • Communication, Outreach and Education: We develop reliable and innovative communication strategies for federal agencies. This will help in reaching out to beneficieries or target audience promptly.
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