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Etash Global is a pioneer in enabling federal agencies with powerful, innovative and scalable technologies. Our objective is to synergize the government, commercial, healthcare and intelligence sectors with the right digital innovations. By this, the federal agencies can offer impactful services, and transform the experience of all customers and stakeholders.

Our approach to each client's technology requirement is built on a human-centred design methodology. This becomes very crucial as the government, healthcare and commercial agencies face multifaceted challenges when they are serving large and diverse populations. Our approach to each client is enabled by innovative agile methods, and AI/ML technologies.

Etash Global’ IT solutions to federal agencies are anticipatory, integrated, trusted, convenient, and radically human. Significantly, Etash Global offers mission-focused solutions to federal (government), commercial, healthcare and intelligence customers. Our portfolio of innovative IT services and solutions are built on scalable advanced analytics and disruptive technologies.

Our IT teams include software developers, data scientists, and specialists in machine learning, cyber, cloud, and information management. This helps us greatly to turn our federal clients across different sectors to become leaders in using sophisticated analytics and emerging technologies, and helps them to achieve the needful technology transformation to meet the basic objective so their missions.

Etash Global's association with federal agencies and allied businesses is quite long and cherished. Our competent, experienced and mission-specific IT professionals are working at the following federal agencies.


The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) 2002 mandates all the federal agencies to develop, document, and implement an information security and protection program. Understandably, FISMA is part of the larger E-Government Act of 2002. This Act aims to bring improvements in the management of electronic government services and processes.

Etash Global, a leader in offering reliable, scalable and value-driven IT services, products and solutions helps federal agencies and allied private businesses to achieve regulatory compliance. We help businesses to achieve FISMA compliance, and thereby promote adherence with federal data security standards and guidelines. Etash Global helps federal agencies

  • To reduce the security risk to federal information and data
  • To manage federal spending on information security
  • To meet the guidelines and security standards
  • To help any private businesses involved in a contractual relationship with the government FISMA mandates each federal agency and allied businesses to adhere with security requirements. Etash Global offers end-to-end and innovative IT solutions in line with FISMA requirements. Our support includes information system inventory, risk categorization, system security plan, security controls, risk assessments, and certification and accreditation. By ensuring FISMA compliance, we help our clients to maintain high level of security and eliminate vulnerabilities in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Earlier, the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) terms and guidelines mandated only the federal agencies and contractors who operate systems on their behalf to follow stringent paperwork and intensive information security requirements. However, for more than a decade now, even the private healthcare providers need to comply with FISMA.

Etash Global helps private healthcare providers to adhere and uphold FISMA terms and guidelines. Our team of experts offer agile, innovative and reliable IT solutions that will ensure a robust and FISMA compliant information security framework. Our support to healthcare providers across US includes,

  • Regular security risk assessments
  • Annual testing of information security process
  • Security certification and accreditation programs for contractors
  • Annual reporting about information security programs


FISMA was designed for federal agencies only. Later, all commercial organizations collaborating with federal agencies and working across different sectors, industries and markets also required to adhere with FISMA. To make commercial organizations FISMA compliant Etash Global follows the best practices. We meet totally the security and risk requirements of commercial organizations. Our best practices include,

  • Classify information as it is created
  • Automatically encrypt sensitive data
  • Maintain written evidence of FISMA compliance
  • Stay current with any changes to the FISMA standards

Etash Global offers end-to-end and innovative FISMA compliant IT technologies to commercial undertakings. Our IT specialization includes

  • Network Security: We enable commercial organizations to weave security deep into the Hybrid IT architecture, and build Security-Driven Networks to:
    • Deliver ultra-fast security end-to-end
    • Enable consistent real-time defense with AI/ML powered IT Services
    • Achieve seamless user experience with Security Processing Units
    • Improve operational efficiency and automate workflows
  • Cloud Security: Etash Global helps commercial organizations to gain visibility and control over cloud environments and applications. This becomes quite relevant as organizations are increasingly deploying a variety of workloads across multiple clouds.
    Also, the business-critical data and services are increasingly scattered across this distributed infrastructure. The team of cloud experts at Etash Global leverage on the shared responsibility model to protect the network, storage, and computing layers.
    The commercial organization take the responsibility to own the security for everything that is built, deployed, or stored in the public cloud. By multi-cloud adoption enterprises maintain heterogeneous environments.
  • Security Operations: Etash Global offers reliable and innovative security solutions. We focus equally on Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC). By establishing a dedicated NOC we bring for each commercial organization optimal network performance. Our reliable and scalable SOC helps us to identify, investigate, and resolve threats and cyber attacks. By working closely with commercial organizations and their information security requirements, we have developed a proven specialization in safeguarding their assets and providing a complementary coverage.
  • Zero Trust Access: Better secure access for remote users to applications anywhere
  • Networking and Communications: Etash Global' Secure Unified Communications, along with innovative IP phones, helps organizations keep up with changing communication needs due to evolving infrastructure, remote/hybrid work, and BYOD.
  • Security-as-a-Service: We help clients to gain visibility and control over your cloud environments and applications. Significantly, we bring to each client engagement our proven and reliable AI-enabled Security-as-a-Service capabilities. Our suite of security services are designed from the ground up to seamlessly work together. We work towards one end in mind that is to provide context-aware security policy and coordinated real-time attack prevention.


Intelligence or Business intelligence enables the conversion of raw data into meaningful and useful information. This means to help businesses to achieve strategic, tactical, and operational insights. Understandably, all the Federal agencies use BI applications to obtain data from multiple database warehouses. They leverage on the ETL process to prepare, share, and/or publish information. All this makes BI critical for FISMA.

Etash Global helps businesses to achieve FISMA compliance, In this direction, we support businesses to address and manage cyber security risk in a cost-effective way. We build a logical structure on how BI solutions can be used in a manner that supports the goals and upholds the requirements of FISMA.

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